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Blumarine RTW SS2013

The entire L’Wren Scott 2013 RTW line was amazing. So many colors, prints, shapes, textures…
This was the icing on the cake.

The entire L’Wren Scott 2013 RTW line was amazing. So many colors, prints, shapes, textures…
This was the icing on the cake.

My favorite look from the Chanel Spring 2013 RTW collection

My favorite look from the Chanel Spring 2013 RTW collection

More from the shoot I styled before I left for the Rad Vintage America Tour….
RAD VINTAGE: Curated Collection
Model: Ciara Shay Ramsey
Photographer: Justin Daykin
MUA: Veronica Sinclair
Special thanks to Lauren Tracy and Shaina Mote

See the Editorial Here on Fashionising

Lookbook Video to come….

I’m currently sitting here in Mobile, Alabama, getting in touch with NYFW. I can’t help it. I’m a bonafide fashion junkie. I do indeed spend ridiculous amounts of money on fashion magazines from all over the world, not to mention time spent on the internet pouring over every collection as it rolls in, seeing it from all the angles, zooming in on the fabrics and the shoes, and deciding which ones I like enough to start hunting for.
I make noises when I do this. Ask my ex… I sit and mumble things like “wow” “ohmygosh” “mhmmm” “oh yeah”. I know it sounds like a steamy night, but I’m sitting on the floor in front of the computer, and he’s reading a book next to me on the couch shooting me funny looks. Every once in a while when I get really excited and loud and fussy he says, “whats up?” kind of a question but more of a statement… and I say something like “I knew bonnets were coming back in style, remember I showed you that one last week at the flea market?! And here they are on the runway..!!”
I got really excited when I saw this Jason Wu collection. He’s pulling inspiration from all kinds of eras mainly the 40’s, the 80’s, with little accents from the 60s and the 90s, and using all of my favorite fabric combinations- leather, silk, chiffon, tulle, and I can’t resist the harnesses!
I’m really giddy over this whole collection but I picked out some of my favorites. Did I mention, fishnet gloves past the elbows?
I also included some of Peter Som’s collection. I love that brocade crop top with the embellished skirt, they both look very vintage and are just the type of pieces I would look for and mix. I also love that super retro olive green/yellow sweater with the bikini bottom vibe. That’s a California girl if I ever did see one….

It’s my version of sports. If men can scream and shout at their tvs about sports then I feel perfectly normal moaning and groaning in front of my computer screen during all the fashion weeks to come….


Today we said goodbye to Florida and hellllloooooooo to Mobile, Alabama.
We made a special stop in Tallahasee to do some thrifting. We first stopped at The Other Side which was CLOSED!!! :( So sad it looked amazing surrounded by a collective of creative buildings at the Railroad station? So we headed to Avant Garb around the corner and down the street.
Cute little shop chock o block full of vintage, but slim in the mens department, and that’s where my eye is at right now. We settled on a pretty sweet hat. Unisex.

We landed tonight in Mobile. I’m seriously disoriented because we went back an hour. Im exhausted and the clock reads 10pm. But we’re stoked because neither of us has ever been to Alabama!



16. Charleston, SC

We spent the following day exploring Charleston, SC. We took a quick spin around in the car to get our bearings, then got out and walked down the pier, hung out in a beautiful park, and finally hit the streets to find the hidden treasures….

Our hidden treasure came in the form of The Trunk Show http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Trunk-Show

The owner of the shop is amazing, she’s been there for 11 years. They get in vintage and designer goodies from all over the US! She showed me some very rare and beautiful pieces, including this Christina Lacroix tweed suit, and this 1920’s authentic flapper dress.

This place is the real deal. If you have really high end items you’d like to consign you should consider this spot!

15. Southbound

We finally left Virginia, a week and a day later….
Drove down to Charleston, SC. Along the way we practiced “freestyling”

World English Dictionary
freestyling (ˈfriːˌstaɪlɪŋ)

— n
the act of driving back country roads in search of antique malls, thrift stores and vintage shops with no premeditated plan.

We stopped in the best little town in Selma, North Carolina.
We visited the TWM Antique Mall and Gallery. I found the MOST amazing beaded peplum shirt. It doesn’t fit me, otherwise I’d be all over it…

We also snagged some rad vintage patches from another antique dealer down the road. Talked to a lot of great people, and hit the road again….

We stayed the night outside of Charleston, thanks to Gregs good friend Ben who set us up in his home away from home, the Marriot Residence Inn in Mt. Pleasant. We took advantage of the pool and our go pro hero with water resistant case….